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"In this fast paced modern society, composers today have the freedom to combine many genres resulting in music that is finally relevant to millennial culture" - Xander Benham.

Xander has made a name for himself in the music industry, after working alongside some of the brightest and forward thinking musicians. 

Xander really dreams about making a difference within the classical world by breaking down genre stereotypes and bringing his music to wider audiences around Europe.

Scores available to purchase @ or contact



Improvisation in C "Trance Blues" (2010).

Minchin Inflections (2010). 

Piano Suite No.1 in Eb major (2012): 

I 'The Forest Decent' 

II 'Broken' 

III 'Bravura' 

Perpetual for solo piano (2013). 

Curvature for solo piano (2015). 

F#AC#E (2015). 

Evasion (2015). 

White Sand (2015) (البیضاء الصحراء" .

Piano-Fantasy No.1 (2017). 

Four Concert Preludes (2021).


"En Masse Fluctuation" for Violoncello and Clarinet in Bb (2015).  

V Ruminations for Flute or Bass Flute and Violoncello (2016).

‘Oh so dear’ and Counterpoint for SATB Choir (2016). 

Conjuration for Alto Saxophone and Piano (2018).

First Impressions for piano Four Hands (2018).

Modus Operandi for Alto Saxophone and Tape (2019). 

Green Apple for Unusual Ensemble (2018).

Septet for Piano, Flute, Clarinet in Bb, Soprano Saxophone, Violin, Viola and Violoncello (2018). 

Trio No.1 for Soprano Saxophone, Double Bass and Piano (2019).

Our Generation for small Chamber Ensemble (2021).

Angel of the Revelation for Tenor and Piano (2021).

Paroxysm for small Chamber Ensemble (2022).

Trio No.2 for Violin, Saxophone and Piano (2022).

Climbing out from within Yourself for Two Pianos (2022).


"Cordillera" a Symphonic Tone Poem for Orchestra (2020).

Symphony No.1 "Fantasy" for Symphonic Wind Orchestra (2020).

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