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"It's the Xander Benham show, exceptional performer with strong rhythm, colour and always performs at his best"Joop Van Deuren (Jazz pianist, Study leader).

"An inspiration, never fails to deliver on stage" - Henry Kelder (Pianist, Composer, Conductor, Arranger and Teacher).


Through performance and composition Xander’s objective is to play with  audiences expectations. Today’s music often amalgamates idioms from genres including “classical” and “jazz” for a fresher, more engaging, exciting and unexpected musical experience for both listener and performer. This idea has been inspired by both 20th and 21st century composers and has inspired Xander to combine elements associated with modern jazz, techno, club-dance music and improvisation in classically defined music in order to inspire the millennial generation to listen and enjoy “classically composed” music.

Born in Essex, England, Xander is a working Pianist and Composer living in The Netherlands. At the age of 11 Xander was gifted a piano from his late Grandmother. Here, his passion for classical music began and within a year he had taught himself to perform works by Debussy and Liszt. His first teacher, Simon Harvey (GGSM) helped Xander achieve grade 8 piano by age 17. Xander holds a Bachelor of Music (with honours) from City, University of London where he received classical tuition from the Guildhall School of music and Drama, studying under Edward Liddal (MA GGSM). During this time he also studied composition under Aaron Einbond. Xander re-located to HKU Utrecht's Conservatory to continue his studies in Composition and Performance under Henry Kelder. Completing his Masters in 2019.

Xander has performed modern classical and his own works at venues including Tivoli Vredenburg in Utrecht, Het Concertgebouw and live on Dutch Radio NPO 4 in Amsterdam. Xander has won numerous piano competitions in the U.K. and composition competitions world wide. He was a finalist in the HONENS international piano competition 2021 and a finalist in the U.K. piano open 2023.

Xander has a vast repertoire in modern music and has premiered concertos in The Netherlands. His own compositions have been premiered in both The Netherlands and the U.K and Xander is the in house composer for orchestras, ensembles and many new artists in The Netherlands. He also records works for aspiring composers and plays his own unique concerts as a solo pianist and in ensemble settings. 

Aside from this Xander works as a part-time piano/composition teacher and for the modern music publishing house 'Edition MatchingArts'.

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