Pushing Genre Forward

Founded by Xander Benham in 2021 this is a collective of world-class performers and composers based in The Netherlands. Together they provide programmes which cross the boundaries of classical music (first stream) and jazz (second stream) then, according to composer Gunther Schuller, anything which combines, distorts and extends the two genres (third stream). Fusing and cross-pollinating the genres with other styles, from nu-jazz through electro, funk, hip-hop, nouvelle vague, free jazz, improvisation, spoken word and ambient to psychedelic or minimalist music. You name it, we will include it. Traces from all genres appear.

Mission Statement

- Committed to growing interest and popularity in 4th Stream music across Europe.

- To help grow the careers of young musicians and composers with the promise of paid concerts and commissions. 

- Exchanging of knowledge and the chance to meet and play with other incredible musicians through monthly meet ups and rehearsals.

- The promise of a yearly concert tour, recording sessions and collaborations.  



Searching for accomplished musicians and composers based in The Netherlands.

Auditions set to take place in September 2021. Fill in your details and a link to a video of you playing or performance of one of your compositions. You will receive an email in July 2021 announcing those who have been selected for audition. The audition fee is 30 euros and if you are accepted it is only 2 euros a month to be part of the collective! We look forward to receiving your applications and ultimately working with you.

Thanks for submitting!